About Airbrush Academy

Airbrush Academy is a Makeup Artistry School for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a Professional Makeup Artist. Our courses range from introduction level through advanced artistry for Television, Video, Film, Print, Runway, Bridal, Bodypainting & Special FX.

As more television stations broadcast in HDTV, makeup artists must adjust their technique and products for a screen resolution quality that has as much as 10 times more picture detail than analogue. Airbrush makeup creates a look that can’t be achieved with sponges, or brushes. It is no longer the future, it is here, hand in hand with HD.

Airbrush makeup will last the whole day. It creates a virtually flawless look, blends beautifully and feels like your not wearing makeup at all. All colors are FDA approved, are fully hypo allergenic and safe to use. The application can be adjusted to be very soft and light or heavier to cover tattoos, freckles, birthmarks etc.

Once you have mastered the techniques you will have an advantage over the makeup artists that don’t use the airbrush. It will expand your creative abilities beyond the sponge and hand brush techniques. You will be amazed at the accuracy and speed of each application.

Airbrush makeup is the fastest growing aspect of the beauty business today. Makeup artists and academy’s everywhere are all jumping on the bandwagon. It is already being requested by TV and movie personalities as well as the general public in cutting edge salons worldwide.

Whether it’s digital photography, footage shot in hi-def and transferred to film, or live broadcast, airbrush makeup is the right solution for today’s media!

What is unique about Airbrush Makeup?

* No sponges or powder puffs

* Lightweight, natural and flawless look

* Makeup of choice in high definition television (HDTV)

* Hygienic, long-lasting, rub and water resistant, yet simple to remove

* More efficient and faster to apply than traditional makeup